Viva La Body Solid Conditioner Toning for Blond, Grey & White Hair

A conditioner bar that helps to brighten and reduce brassiness from blond and white hair. 

Boosted with lemon oil to remove yellow tones or brassiness and restore natural brightness to hair. Jojoba oil is used to promote strength and add moisture and shine to colour treated hair,  shea butter for its high nutrients content and guar to smoothe the strands and leave hair with a soft glossy sheen. Argan oil moisturises the scalp and treats split ends and ginseng extract helps to stimulate growth and reduce hair breakage. Rose Geranium and Himalayan Cedarwood help to soothe the scalp.

Viva La Body solid conditioner bars will last up to 80 washes, or up to three bottles of shampoo. These bars are packed with premium natural extracts, plant oils and nut butters to deliver the best quality product and there are no SLS's or parabens. Each bar is super economical, eco-friendly and totally plastic free. This solid shampoo salon formula is a similar product to a standard bottle of liquid shampoo, just in a solid form. Viva La Body products are certified palm oil free, certified cruelty free, vegan, biodegradable, handmade, silicone free and plastic free.

To get the most out of your conditioner bar store outside of the shower on a soap dish. 

Viva La Body Conditioner Bar Toning Bar - Blond & Grey Hair






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