Dearest Lips Vegan Lip Balm with Cocoa & Vanilla

This beautiful handmade lip balm helps moisturise and protect your lips with cocoa butter and coconut oil. It has a natural subtle vanilla scent and comes in a compostable tube. Gently push the base of the tube up to access the lip balm. The tape used to seal the tape is washi tape and can be reused or put in the composter. 

Please note that Dearest Lips use cocoa butter and shea butter in its organic and unrefined, natural form to sustain all its nutrients. Unrefined butters can be temperamental with temperature changes, which may change the colour and texture of the balm slightly, however it does not affect the quality of the balm at all.

Dearest Lips is an Australian brand focused on bringing you beautiful cruelty-free, vegan skincare that also helps us tread lightly. 

Dearest Lips Lip Balm - Cocoa & Vanilla (7g)






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